In our professional careers, we have noticed the growing and persistent need for unfiltered opinions, fresh ideas, and a desire to continue collaborating with individuals outside of the traditional frameworks of power and privilege.

For us, The Irregular Times is an opportunity to provide new perspectives at the intersection of art, media, activism, politics and contemporary culture. Our desire to go back to print is deeply rooted in our own experiences with the digital world, our love for the printing process and for all things handmade, hand-held, and hand delivered. Along with the quarterly issue, we aim to amplify the endless possibilities of zine making, and zine culture in our country.

Our newspaper is for you, your enemies, your neighbours, your friends and their friends. We want you to love it, to hate how much you love it, to cut it up, frame the art from it, and even make art with it. This is our labour of love to you, and we want you to make The Irregular Times your own.
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