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Bundle of 5- Daak Keychains

Khana-ba-dosh means one without a home, a nomad, a wanderer. Gift this to a loved one who is finding their path, wandering for a while

Kanmani - A term of endearment for the one as precious as the eye, in Telugu. Let this be a nudge to a beloved younger sibling or someone you haven’t been able to spend much time with lately, to remind them of how much they are cherished.

Justuju in Urdu means quest, desire or longing. This would make a lovely little gift for those who delight in wandering, as they lurk around their favourite haunts or set off for their next great adventure.

Harakh - A Gujarati word that embodies the most profound, inexplicable happiness— the kind that can be found in comfortable silences and the first mangoes of the season and dancing with an old friend to a shared favourite song. Gift this to the one whose presence you cherish the most

Anantpradnyaa (Eternal Wisdom) - This would make the perfect keepsake for the one person in your life that is wise beyond their years, whose words of reassurance you often find yourself yearning for. 

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Bundle of 5- Daak KeychainsBundle of 5- Daak Keychains