An Ode to Bangalore🦋

We created our first ever No Borders merch for our most recent event in Bangalore, India. A very special artwork made by Anjali Mehta as an ode to the garden city, a story we created, inspired by the city's local flowers, women, food, and its' garden creatures 🐸The artwork, if looked closely, is a vibrant flush of garden creatures carrying out their everyday hustles and being the most local Bangaloreans🌸

Bangalore is a city where every day you're welcomed by whiffs of hot filter coffee served on the street, sounds of preparing the Bangalore famous Tatte idlis at the neighborhood idli/ dosa stall, women sitting around their flower stall - selling fresh marigolds & jasmines, and coconuts being cut open to be served on the sidewalks.

We hope we brought our world to you with our first ever No Borders Merch collection. Truly a fun experience for us and Anjali Mehta, who also had lived in Bangalore and found this artwork very personal, making it so dear to both our hearts 💗



We wanted to highlight the local Bangalore flora and fauna in this masterwork, to give you a visual taste of what Bangalore is to No Borders. Along with other locally found flowers like Sunflowers, Lotus, and Marigolds, the Fountain tree is a popular tree found on the streets of Bangalore, that sheds bright orange flowers through the city, covering the roads in orange flowers🌺

Giving so much warmth and possibly nostalgia, this artwork captures the essence of the city and its people, who find joy in the simplest of things. We have the Frog who is characterized to be a common village man, wearing a lungi and a towel around his neck, enjoying his idli on the road. The snake sips on a cup of filter coffee, the bee drinks his coconut water, two fishes have a romantic moment in the famous Cubbon Park style, the snail transports a fresh batch of marigolds and roses, the street cat characterized as a flower lady adorned in gold, and the crow flies to the market. This artwork is memorializing little moments of Bangalore, that we so fell in love with 🌼