No Borders Shop
The new No Borders shop is an extension of all the goals that gave birth to this brand. To amplify local talent and build strong communities to revolutionize industries that are western centric by slowly shifting the power back to the hands of the people across the world. We have branched out into new categories like home decor, food, beauty/ wellness, books, and more.

NB x Artisans
Our ancient cultures are rich with crafts that are rooted in sustainable practices which are now being resurfaced or rediscovered or reappropriated - slowly gaining importance all over the world. These artisans are sitting on centuries worth of knowledge passed down from generation to generation about practices that have stood the test of time for years but are now at the verge of extinction because of scarcity in demand, low wages, and insufficient funding. We traveled across India and connected with some incredible artisans who have been living under the radar, practicing stunning and detailed age-old crafts but deprived of access to tools required to sell to a modern audience that does most of their shopping online.

#NB Community
Over the years we have unconsciously, but soulfully grown alongside a global community of dynamic and truly authentic creatives. We became each others’ champions and stepping stones, growing together and leading each other to larger platforms, amplifying our own culture and values, while celebrating our individuality. We have always worked and collaborated with artists whose authentic talent deeply resonated with us but were ignored by the hegemonic industries and celebrity obsessed cultures in India and the world.We know that real change only happens when it's done collectively. We really think that the change we want to see is within our reach through the power of the No Borders community - a large, diverse group of people connecting on common values, sharing resources, being each other's cheerleaders, and having each others’ back.