When COVID-19 hit India in early 2020 and then surged in a bigger second wave, no one could have predicted how important community-led initiatives would become. People from all walks of life banded together with the common goal of protecting each other from a deadly disease sweeping the nation and protecting those less fortunate. 

No Borders too wanted to do their bit and partner in fundraising for some extremely kind-hearted individuals and organisations, putting in all their effort into solving the need of the hour. 

We partnered with Helping Hands, an organisation that had already distributed 2.5 lakh masks to high-risk individuals such as front-line heroes and those who could not afford to social distance like people residing in slums, transgender trusts and old-age homes. They also provided more than 20,000 masks to those affected by Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal. Through our partnership we were able to raise donations from various brands and designers that helped them received surplus cotton fabric that could then be put to use in creating more masks for those in need. 

We also came together with Migrant Workers Solidarity Network, as we believe the migrant community was the one of the worst hit during the lockdown, to help raise awareness about their relief and campaign efforts.

Makers Asylum was yet another creative space that undertook a gigantic project to do their share to contribute by creating M-19 shields - face shields for healthcare workers who were in dire need due to a lack of supply. After activating different manufacturing hubs across the country, they were able to provide more than 1,40,000 face shields in 25 cities.

Lastly, but a cause close to our heart that we would never leave behind even at times when they were ignored - animals. Vet student Sagun Bhatjiwale of Nature's Ally Foundation, Mumbai realised that the lockdown brought with it the shutting down of eateries, the leftovers of which usually feeds stray animals. So he decided to convince a college canteen to make rice meals and feed over 100-150 strays everyday, risking his safety during lockdowns and spending 6-7 hours on the streets.

We'd like to thank each and everyone who contributed and worked with us to help any of these initiatives, and appreciate each of these heroes for their contributions to COVID relief efforts. The power of what individuals can do when they come together has truly never been more visible.