No Borders In-house is an initiative supporting art, artists and revolutionary thinkers. By co-designing these one-of-a-kind pieces with artisans we have aimed to revolutionize fashion by keeping our rich crafts and heritage at the center of it ✨

Through our ideas, we embody stories of our ancestors and serve as a blueprint for a future in which we honor our roots by reimagining crafts for the younger generations 🌷

In-house is an ode to exploring village practices, innovating on the go, celebrating imperfections and bringing back dying arts. Through this cultural revival and fresh creativity, we aim to create a new visual language to connect with an unconventional and culturally liberated audience 🤎

How we Started 🦋

Almost three years ago, we began our journey to Return to our Roots by sharing the story of Kasuti: an art form native to our homeland of Karnataka 🦚

  • Our vision was to create a conscious clothing collection that challenges harmful practices in the fashion industry and empowers the women reviving this precious craft. These artisans are our true heroes.
  • Designing our own clothing line gave us the freedom to collaborate with local artists and craftspeople who have long been overlooked and exploited.
  • After our first Kasuti collection, we knew we had to continue this journey.

We founded No Borders In-house to restore the power and respect of local artisans and crafts✨

  • Our platform not only showcases traditional artistry in modern clothing, but also inspires us to travel, explore new cultures, and discover fading art forms.
  • We are committed to bringing more crafts into our world as part of our mission to Return to our Roots.

Join us in celebrating these beautiful traditions and the incredible artisans behind them 🫶🏽

Our Kasuti Journey 🧵

Craft as a form of Resistance 🦋

No Borders In-house collaborates with various crafts from around the world, building bridges between art forms and finding common ground in ancestral practices ✨

  • Each craft illustrates ancient motifs, patterns, and stitches to embrace the past while also telling stories of the present. In doing this, we also want to highlight global injustices.
  • Today, while few initiatives weave new designs to tell contemporary stories, we embrace these crafts to connect with their roots and narrate our present.

Through "A Return to Our Roots," we envision a movement toward collective freedom, using artistry and handicraft as identity, voice, and weapon to improve broken systems and forge a united future 🫶🏽

Breaking Boundaries 🦋

Working with a small team afforded us the liberty to break away from conventional fashion paradigms rooted in capitalistic ideologies that perpetuate overconsumption and overproduction, leading to resource exploitation in the East.

  • Instead, we consciously allocated resources to travel to villages and towns where traditional crafts flourish. There, we fully immersed ourselves in the stories, homes, cultures, and lifestyles of the women there.
  • While we also worked with existing artisan collectives, our true love lies in finding, exploring, discovering new places where we can work with women out of their homes, and give them resources to produce crafts.
  • We supported those who drew inspiration from their surroundings to weave simple concepts into exquisite textiles.

Empowering Artisans

No Borders in-house began as a passion project with limited capital

  • Working with these women was transformative for us. With our skills, previously untapped, explored new ideas and embraced the freedom to make—and celebrate—mistakes.
  • This empowerment has emboldened the artisans to rightfully value their craftsmanship at higher prices, actively combating exploitation.
  • Ensuring fair compensation was crucial to us, supporting artisans' financial independence and fostering craft growth within their communities.
  • With our support, women now form artisan collectives, empowering young artisans with craft knowledge and breaking societal norms.
  • This initiative allows artisans to refine their craft, invest in quality materials, understand global markets, and enhance efficiency.
  • This marks a significant improvement from a few years ago, when their work was not yet recognized globally. 
  • Many artisans had abandoned their craft for small jobs outside their village, leaving only the grandmothers to keep the tradition alive.
  • At No Borders, we began by working closely with the artisans, designing garments from unsold, crafted fabrics that had lacked market access for years. 
  • Today, the revenue from these efforts is enabling our artisans to become self-sustaining enterprises, gradually refining and uplifting their craft and quality, without relying on NGOs, welfare programs, or government schemes. 
  • Transparency in Quality

    No Borders In-house is driven by bold ideas and a determination to revolutionize fashion and streetwear. We deliver meticulously crafted pieces by local tailors and artisans, striving for high standards of craftsmanship.

    • Each design undergoes painstaking hours to perfect every motif and weave, ensuring durability and lasting quality.
    • We prioritize quality and transparency, respecting the dedication of our artisans and allowing for a margin of error while striving for continuous improvement.
    • With limited resources, we communicate constantly with our customers to understand their needs and enhance our creative solutions.
    • Working with locally crafted art presents intricate design challenges, pushing us to adopt new techniques and prioritize craft over design.

    As we grow, we aim to thoughtfully refine each collection to achieve the best version of our ideas. We promise transparency and responsiveness to all feedback on our artisan products, striving for the best outcomes in our creations.

  • Transparency in Price Points

    No Borders In-house reaches a level of artistry that exceeds Western standards.

    • While we operate differently from other designers, we ensure that every design meets global market standards, priced for a diverse demographic, including a younger audience. 
    • With No Borders In-house, you will discover a new fashion paradigm that exceeds Western standards.
    • Our creations embody this richness through meticulously handcrafted threadwork, intricately designed motifs, and soulfully embroidered stories. 
    • Our pricing reflects our dedication to enriching our cultural platform.
    • By investing in our products, you support not just art, but also contribute to developing societies, support community initiatives, and help us remain ethical and sustainable. 

    We aim to keep all our pieces affordable so that everyone has the chance to consciously support artisans.

    • Buying an In-house product allows us to pay our artisans double the market value for their crafts, providing them with financial security and stability to support their families.

    Together, we can protect, uphold, and pass on ancient craft knowledge to future generations.