Imli Dana is an independent textile studio with a focus towards generational textile techniques and celebrating the labor associated with them. Using hand knitting and patchwork techniques to make carefully curated, meticulously sewn pieces, Imli Dana brings to you alternate textiles and objects made from regenerative materials and fabric scraps that will last you a lifetime and more.

 Delhi / New York

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Imli Dana

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How we started

The idea of Imli Dana really came from a deeper realization of how severely disconnected we are from the origin of materials and the labor surrounding making objects and wearables. I grew up climbing mountains of fabric waste as I surrounded myself with cotton farms, weaving mills and printing and dyeing facilities. Imli Dana was born out of the need to make objects that mark time and that can be shared across generations. 

Who we work with

Imli Dana uses textile waste from garment manufacturing factories in Delhi, India as its raw material that is curated, cleaned, assembled and sewn meticulously using patchwork techniques. 

Currently, we operate as a very very small team with Shradha, Fida, Mallika and Bharat as the makers of all pieces at Imli Dana. All pieces are made by hand either in New York or Delhi.

Some pieces are crocheted and knitted by hand between Shradha and Mallika (her maternal grandmother). They both collectively work on every crocheted piece between Delhi and New York. A continued partnership of 6 years, Fida Hussain continues to sew all your patchwork shirts in Delhi, India.