A community of artisan and craftsmen from Ladakh, aim to revive the local handicrafts and grow beyond boundaries.
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Meet the Artisan

Tsewang Tamchos hails from Chilling village in Leh, Ladakh. Chilling is famous throughout Ladakh for its work on brass and copper. Tamchos's ancestors have been engaged in this craft for the past 400-500 years. His grandfather and father are both active craftsmen, whom he has seen working on copper from his childhood. Though he was not practising this craft during his early years, he closely monitored every detail of hammering and designing. He finished his schooling from Leh, and later pursued further studies in Chandigarh. 

It was in 2017 that Tamchos decided to practice and preserve his own ancestral craft. During that time nobody from his generation was eager to learn and practice this craft. The craft was insidiously dying, so Tamchos started his commendable journey as a craftsman to preserve and promote this craft through workshops and exhibitions.  At present, Tamchos is working on a craft museum, the aim of which is to revive the beautiful works of our ancestors by engaging our own young people, and exhibit them to the rest of the world.

About Ladakh Local

A non-profit effort by Stanzin to create a community of artisans and craftsmen from Ladakh, with an aim to revive the local handicrafts and grow beyond boundaries.

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