Rom Rom was founded by Abha Aggarwal in 2022. The brand was born out of a kitchen garden while studying and exploring natural pigments extracted from plant parts like flowers, leaves, and roots; as well as daily food waste like tea/coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels. The joy in the process of creating an ever-expanding palette of earth tones and occasionally some mystical shades like Indigo led to the epiphany that is rōmrōm, a natural dyeing studio where I explore intimacy with nature and self by reimagining lingerie and intimate wear in Indian handcrafted textiles free from synthetic fabrics and chemical dyes.

Rōmrōm emulates harmony and intimacy with nature. They create clothing that sits closest to every skin type and establish a profound connection between the wearer and the natural world through design, patterns, and colour palettes.

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How we started

Born out of hatred for conventional bras and the lingerie sector that is largely flooded with synthetic fabrics and toxic chemicals, I wanted to create intimate pieces, that sit next to our skin and envelop the most sensitive parts of our body, using mindfully made clothing that takes us closer to nature.

By utilising only natural fabrics and dyes, we minimise our environmental footprint, avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic materials commonly used in conventional intimate wear production.

Who we work with

Abha started out by studying vintage brassiere silhouettes and Indian traditional contour designs (Kanchali and Choli) to create patterns for pure handwoven fabric lingerie. Thereafter slowly expanded my team to include a tailor and an enthusiastic woman with whom I experiment and constantly explore natural dyeing. We currently work out of my living room and kitchen to create unique bespoke handcrafted pieces with a lot of love and care.

All our fabrics are sourced directly from weavers and craftsmen around India. We use urban waste as natural dyes and to create beautiful eco-prints, a lot of which is sourced from local fruit juice shops, temple discard and weekly vegetable markets to source food waste like onion peels. Rom rom is also associated with a beautiful regenerative farm hub in Delhi called

Ecological Partnerships (EP HUB) and procure fresh flowers and leaves to create special capsule collections.