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Upcycled Quilted Midi Dress

Upcycled Quilted Midi Dress

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A heartfelt upcycle project led to the creation of these one-of-a-kind Bow Tie Dresses, inspired by our beloved mini dress style. This piece exemplifies innovation on the go, with a design centered around the craft. Originally crafted as two wall hangings, they have been repurposed and reimagined into stunning dresses. Created with our artisan friends in Kutch, Gujarat, who have mastered the art of applique patchwork, this design visually translates a meaningful saying: "When we benefit from someone, the difficulties or negative aspects associated with them seem less important. Since a cow gives milk, which is very useful, people tend to overlook if it occasionally kicks." 🎀✨


  • Innovative Upcycling: Transformed from wall hangings into unique Bow Tie Dresses, showcasing our commitment to sustainable fashion.
  • Artisan Collaboration: Masterfully crafted by artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, depicting a meaningful concept through intricate designs.
  • Bold Structural Fit: Features an oversized, bold silhouette with a playful bow tie detail.
  • Locally Tailored: Crafted with love and intention by our skilled local tailors.
  • 100% Intention and Love: Each dress is made with meticulous care and a deep connection to our artisan community.

Our Upcycled Bow Tie Dress is a wearable art piece that blends innovative design with traditional craftsmanship. The applique patchwork adds visual appeal and tells a meaningful story. With its bold, structural fit and oversized look, it's perfect for making a statement.

Crafted with love and intention by our local tailors, this dress embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion and celebrates artisan skills. Embrace the uniqueness and beauty of upcycled fashion with this special dress 🦚🌺


Upcycled Patchwork Applique Midi Dress
Material - 100% Cotton
Wash Care - Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only

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