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Village Kantha Shirt

The carefully stitched and lovingly crafted Kantha shirt made by our Artisan Ajija Sultana. Ajija and her team of women artisans embroider this vibrant story on a locally sourced fabric called Tussar Silk. The design is inspired by everyday scenes at the village markets of Bengal. 

The motifs tell a vibrant story of Bengals neighborhoods, the village markets, the day-to-day whereabouts of a typical day in their village, of local sellers and street vendors, all through the lense of the women telling attitudes through their age-old embroidery technique. 

The artwork / motifs are first hand-drawn by the local hand drawing experts or the artisan herself, and then traced on to the fabric, and then hand embroidered using colorful mercerized cotton threads in a classic running stitch pattern on locally sourced Tussar silk/ cotton, and Bengal Silk. 

This unique and exclusive work of art is a heavily labor and time consuming process that requires a minimum of 1 1/2 months to embroider by our Kantha artists. Kindly allow this time for them to send this to you with love. 

Measurements of the shirt worn by the model:
Chest: 22"
Shoulder: 24" (Dropped)
Sleeve: 10"
Length: 28"
Waist: 44"

Option is available to customize this shirt, which will require a longer wait time to receive. Please contact us at for further assistance. 

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Village Kantha ShirtVillage Kantha ShirtVillage Kantha ShirtVillage Kantha ShirtVillage Kantha ShirtVillage Kantha Shirt