Mancie Rathod is an Indian Model/ Photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Born in Naarm, Melbourne, to a family of immigrants from India, Mancie's upbringing was completely drenched in South Asian music, dance, culture; forming an extremely deep connection to her roots, to her spiritual life and from a very young age, becoming an integral part of her. Which has heavily influenced her photography, in the stories she tells through her pictures about the people of her home 

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About the Artist

"I come from a line of artists, and somehow, India made me one." - Mancie Rathod

Mancie wasn't able to come to India until her adult life, but yearned to go so deeply. She lived India through her dads adventures, through music and beautiful memories shared by her family. The first time she stepped into India, she felt at home, like her soul finally found something she was missing for a while. Very naturally, she developed transient yet, sweet relationships with the people that she encountered. She recieved beautiful stories of these people, whether that being from their smile, their eyes, their words, and sometimes as simple as silent passing moments shared between them. Her lens tells those stories. They are just moments in time.