Bringing you the first collection of NO-BORDERS in-house, A Return to our Roots, where we take on a journey back to our hometown Dharwad, through the revival of an ancient art-form, Kasuti, an embroidery native to North Karnataka from the 6th Century, birthed during an era where North Karnataka was experiencing a Renaissance of Art, Culture and Philosophy. 

No Borders narrates this story through consciously created products of love for our roots, our traditions, our beauty and the women that came before us. The collection celebrates the most traditional motifs of Kasuti in a modern form, while embracing our land, paying an ode to our hometown, protecting our ancestral skills, telling the stories of our ancestors, and going back to mother earth. Join us on this journey as we Return to our Roots. 


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Collection: Kasuti


A Revival of Kasuti 🦚

Kasuti is an ancient form of Embroidery native to the regions of North Karnataka, that dates back to the 6th century. The embroidery is done by stitching intricate motifs using basic running stitches. The motifs were created by the women of those times, who drew what they saw in their everyday surroundings 🦋
We created our collection with the women of Sakhi Saphalya in Dharwad, a community of artisans that are all aiming to revive and preserve dying crafts North Karnataka and go back to our roots to relive the stories of our ancestors 

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No Borders Travels 🛺

We took a road trip to Dharwad to meet the beautiful and powerful women behind this art form, the women who were traditionally only homemakers, but today we see them so effortlessly nurture their families while putting in the hours into this craft with an aim to not just earn a living and give their kids the best chances, but also to carry forward an art form that is slowly dying and to pass it on to future generations  

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