Poochki is a textile design studio founded by Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla in 2015. The studio’s work explores various kinds of hand printing techniques with master craftsmen around the country. The pieces are designed, cut and sewn in the studio with attention to detailing.
 New Delhi

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How we started

Poochki was started in 2015. Almost bored of our usual work days, we decided to send a few drawings to the block carver and made a mini collection out of it. We showcased in our drawing room, invited all our neighbours and friends and the word just spread! The response urged us to quit our jobs and pursue Poochki as a real business!

Who we work with

Our team includes two tailors and one pattern making expert who we work closely with to bring our vision to life. The core team isn't complete without our block printer of course. Anirudh and I run all admin tasks.