Sun Din Daeng Village, located in Chiang Mai which is a city in the Northern part of Thailand, is the beginning of the making of tISI.

tISI is a combination of local craft heritage, design, and environmental consciousness. 
The brand's design philosophy is rooted in the idea “there is no need to put an effort into something in order to preserve our local heritage if there is a demand in our modern society.”

They discovered the beauty of local northern fabric enriched with culture and artisan craftsmanship by combining it with contemporary design, they create products that are wearable and practical for our daily life. This is an attempt to have the local craft heritage be eventually preferred which leads to sustaining the way of local life to the fullest.


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How we started

We believe that the sustainable way for preserving local way of life and environment is how we make it practical for our daily life.
We are teaming up with local Pakayor people who are master in yarn dying with natural plants and herbs found in the mountain and forest nearby. By using ancient techniques that has been passed on to each generation until today.

Who we work with

We have been working with the Pakayorcommunity from yarn weaving to designing fabric prints. We are also experimenting with yarn color dyeing until we get the best result for the product which takes countless hours for developing since it is uncontrollable for the weather, and the nature of plants and herbs can lead to inconsistence effect of color each time it is dyed. Yet, we think that adds character to our garments. Unlike, other houses, we not only develop natural dye colors for yarns and fabric weaving for ourselves but also do design and pattern making. We are a group of designers who have one principle in common; we want to create a change in the Thai fashion industry by pushing our local arts and crafts, keeping in mind the environmental concerns.