Based between Lagos, Nairobi and Accra, IAMISIGO is a womenswear brand from designer Bubu Ogisi, dedicated to preserving the ancestral textile techniques of her heritage. The designer works with small artisanal communities across the continent and shines a spotlight on their age-old techniques. The result is collections of carefully considered wearable art pieces, each captivating in their respective designs.

 Lagos, Nigeria

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About the Designer

Bubu Ogisi is a fashion consultant, designer and owner of IAMISIGO an independent fashion brand based in Ghana and Nigeria that seeks to create a striking awareness of how African culture can be fused with an audacious but yet minimal design aesthetic.

About the brand

Bubu has always been obsessed with clothes and fascinated in discovering different traditions and weaving techniques from African countries. In 2006, she went from Nigeria to Ghana to study. In the beginning, she was planning to become an architect. But then she really got into indigenous fabrics and learned how to communicate with them. The brand IAMISIGO itself started in 2009.

Who they work with

Bubu is on a continual mission to understand and promote the diversity and complexity of African culture. Whether it’s employing traditional Kente weaving techniques to reaffirm the art of craftsmanship, or juxtaposing the notion of Ghanaian femininity with her native Nigeria, Ogisi harnesses the communicative power of clothes with every collection she produces.