Navalgund Dhurries are made in a small town of the same name in Karnataka. The weaving is done on a vertical loom locally called Khadav Magga. This is sometimes done with two women facing each other, which is a wonderful, social way to work! The designs are geometric, or sometimes animals, and peacocks as Navalgund or Navalgunda means 'Hill of Peacocks'
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About the Craft

The story of how this craft began in Navalgund goes something like this - There was a wealthy man who overlooked everyday social and civil issues of the town, Navalgund. During his marriage, the bride's family had nothing to offer to the Son-in -law but just some dhurrie weaving tools. The man accepted the gift and with the knowledge of weaving his wife had, they began a small establishment where they taught the village women how to weave these dhurries that incorporate simple geometric shapes with bright saturated colors. Since then they have housed about 30 -40 women to weave these dhurries and continue to school the younger girls of Navalgund.

Building Artisans

Farzana H. Sirsing and Akkamma K. Bozegar are currently overlooking the establishment. Only because of their enthusiasm and true love for the craft has saved this craft from extinction that would have been caused with lack of funding. We have closely worked with these women and created these custom designs for No Borders and will continue designing more lovely work that comes from our hometown, Karnataka.