Ziddi celebrates the power of being who you truly are – unwavering and unfiltered. Ziddi often has a negative connotation in our society but to us, it’s the necessity to be who one wants to. To do what one wants to.
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How we started

We’ve always been fond of handmade products and started making jewelry for ourselves back when we were in school. For our weekly outings, mom dad would only take us to Dilli Haat – a hub for art and craft enthusiasts, because that’s where both of us would enjoy the most. 

Heavily inspired by our ancestral roots in Rajasthan, Ziddi was born from an obstinacy to follow our passion and express the beauty of imperfection. 

Pallavi utilises her awareness of space, form and materials as a successful architect and Malvika, a NIFT alum, uses her design acumen to turn it into a wearable piece of art.

Who we work with

We believe that the designs we create are more than just products to trade. They are a representation of the heart of and soul an artisan puts into creating each and every piece.

We evolved from reviving the Patwa thread craft by working closely with the artisans in the village to creating beautiful hand embroidered pieces of jewellery out of a studio in Delhi and have now launched a new collection of 22k gold plated brass jewellery heavily inspired by our roots and ancestral heirlooms with a team of super talented artisans in Rajasthan. 

Together, we’ve built a team of incredibly creative people and a community of highly hardworking artisans, travelled to the remotest places, created content with the most amazing people, burnt out, built a strong tribe of Ziddi  people who are so supportive and appreciative in all we do, and so much more.