Margn is a brand focused on human-centred design, not only in the ergonomics of its products but also in the conception and production of collections. With a focus on exploring a wide variety of unconventional or informal cultures, Margn brings unconventional mens staples rendered for a future of humanity, represented through symbolism and repetition. The humanoid shape is used to create symbolic patterns to evoke emotions mirroring base concepts of each collection. The brand has always put humanity first to promote the idea of us being humans before anything else.

 New Delhi

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Collection: MARGN


How we started

Our path to Fashion Design was quite unexpected. We both grew up in one of the most rural areas of India. Ranjit in Bihar and I in Singrauli. Both of us graduated from National Institute of Fashion technology, Bengaluru in 2019. The things which we saw were the authenticity with which people around us wore their clothes and the idea of making things by hand.
While Ranjit had an eye for business, I had more affinity towards creative processes which gave birth to Margn in 2021.

Who we work with

​​The carefully crafted pieces instilled with artisanal craftsmanship are deeply rooted in craftsmanship that was practiced by their ancestors in India, akin to what co-founders saw during their upbringing. The brand hopes to start a conversation, to evoke emotions and questions within not only the wearer but also the viewer.
From our very inception, we began collaborating with smaller local communities of farmers for raw materials and artisans for our hand-knit garments. It’s a symbiotic relationship between us locals, learning from and uplifting each other. Taking this idea forward, all our handknits are developed by our all women’s team residing in Kullu, India