Ranjithoudea is a self taught photographer hailing from Pondicherry.
His current work in progress 'In Conversation with Kadal' is about the interaction between Kadal (Sea) as a space and the people.
He believes that the sea, always tunes in with one's emotional self that allows a beautiful intimacy between people and the sea.

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Ranjithkumar Oudeacoumar

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About the Artist

Ranjith has been taking photographs since 2011. He started with street photography and slowly evolved to photograph people and their interactions in different spaces.
He has always been a passionate observant of human interactions, their intimacies, behaviours and body languages in respect to the spaces they are in. And he personally feels that the intimacy he tries to capture is expressed through people's body language. He find it as an audible wordless conversations between people and the sea. He tries to photograph those conversations and thereby interact with Kadal himself.