Nour I. Flayhan is a Lebanese illustrator who grew up in Kuwait. Her art explores themes of mysticism, nature, and the emotional draw between natural objects and the human spirit. Her illustrations are delicate and simple, yet not fragile. A romantic color palette and distinctive illustration style set her work apart from other illustrators that use popular illustrative motifs of women and nature.
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Collection: NOUR I. FLAYHAN


About the Artist

“My mum raised me and my brothers in a very artistic household: Our first language was art. She always pushed us to try and experiment with different mediums, to get out of our comfort zones. Being the first girl in the family to study abroad alone, I did face some issues with my father’s family, who were not accepting of the situation at first. The challenge was to not get emotional—instead of getting upset, I must accept that they come from a different background and level of conservatism.”