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Nour I. Flayhan

Celebrate the Culture

Celebrate the Culture

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This illustration was made in collaboration with Nour Flayhan, our favorite person from the community and has not only been a huge support, but also an inspiration to No Borders✨Nour has been with us right from the very beginning and even if we are seas apart, she’s always been an important viewer and participator in our journey. 

This illustration was made as a gift for us for the new journey we have begun of hosting our community to CELEBRATE THE CULTURE 🌼🦋✨ Bringing our home and our roots to your city, as we travel around the globe with artists, designers, vendors and our artisans🌻🌎

Nour was inspired by the little things that made No Borders🌞 The illustration depicts our dearest community friends, Pooja Raghu, Elton John, and Sana Thampi who have been our cheerleaders and the faces of our community🧚🏾‍♀️ The illustration is also thoughtfully embellished with the most memorable elements that had become a part of our journey to our very new No Borders Shop that we launched this July (2022). The white hibiscus flower that we had picked from our neighbors garden (and got caught for🙈), The green butterfly that we found so rare and precious, making it a constant part of our shoot, and our forever love for Marigolds 🌼✨

The event was the first of many initiatives to simply CELEBRATE THE CULTURE in our own beautiful individualistic ways 🦋✨ Diversity and Inclusivity in all ways of Consumerism and amplify our passion for Art, Fashion, Culture and our Roots 🥀🌱 

Printed on Matte 250 GSM / Custom paper options available (please add requirements in note box provided at checkout) 

Printed in Bangalore, India 



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