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Lilac Upcycled Kantha Patchwork Shirt

Lilac Upcycled Kantha Patchwork Shirt

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Celebrate the rich traditions and culture of Bengal with our Kantha Patchwork Shirt, a passionate in-house project that breathes new life into leftover Kantha fabrics. This unique shirt features hand-embroidered motifs by our skilled artisan Priya, depicting everyday scenes from her village and telling meaningful stories through textiles 🌺 Each shirt is a one-of-a-kind piece, honoring the core of the Kantha craft, which was born out of a need to beautify worn-out sarees 🌸🏵😘


  • Repurposed Kantha Fabrics: Made from leftover Kantha fabrics, each piece is unique and sustainable. Features intricate motifs hand-embroidered by artisan Priya from Bengal, celebrating the rich traditions and culture of her village. Each piece will be unique its design and motifs. 
  • Cultural Storytelling: The motifs depict everyday scenes from village life, telling meaningful stories through the art of Kantha.
  • Artisan Collaboration: This design is hand- embroidered by our dearest friend artisan Priya from Bengal who has been working with us for over 3 years, Over that time we built a lovely bond with her, sharing stories and being each others' support. With the help of No Borders, she as been able to successfully grow her team in the Nanoor village district, employing young women from neighboring villages to work with her. That she says is her biggest achievement yet. 
  • Local Tailoring: Stitched by our local tailors who were inspired by the beauty of the fabric, infusing their craftsmanship with 100% intention and care. 

Why You'll Love It: Our Kantha Patchwork Shirt is more than just a stylish addition to your wardrobe; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and sustainable fashion. The unique motifs and repurposed fabrics tell a story of tradition, creativity, and the art of reusing and reviving old textiles. Each piece is a testament to the skill and artistry of our artisans, making it a truly special and meaningful garment 🥀

This unique and exclusive work of art is a heavy labor and time-consuming process that requires 3 months of time to embroider by our Kantha artists. Kindly allow this time for them to send this to you with love. 

Sizes can be customized. Add your measurements in the Notes box at checkout 💛


Details - Light Purple Oversized shirt with a boxy fit and notched collar for a relaxed look.
Material - 100% Linen Cotton
Technique - DIY Upcycled Kantha patches stitched with local tailors
Wash care - Hand wash lightly in cold water or Dry Clean.

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