Artisans who have mastered the crafts of our ancient cultures hold the keys to paths that could help us in reversing the damage that fast fashion has caused and leading a more balanced life in harmony with our environment. We partnered with some inspiring artisans to give them the ability to directly share their craft with you. Learn More

Who are the artisans you work with and how do you find them?

No Borders partners with Creative Dignity to discover artisans that move and inspire us. CD is a movement that brings over 500 artisans together and aims to rehabilitate their work post COVID-19.

Through their vast directory we are able to find unmatched local skill around the country and collaborate with them to create something new. We collaborate with people who are passionate about the artisans they work with and act as points of contact for us like Priya from Bengal and Stanzin from Ladakh - making it possible for us to reach & communicate with craftspeople with ease.

What is your process of working with them and how are they paid?

NB provides these artisans with all the materials and tools required for their work with us. We also help them innovate by collaborating on new designs with them. They are then able to list with us from the comfort of their homes and showcase their abilities to the world.

We are highly aware that craftspeople in India face a lot of monetary exploitation and do not earn fair wages for the time, energy and skill that they put into their work. The current market rates are unfair and exploitative so we are committed to ensuring that we invest in their craft, treat them with the same dignity as our designers and pay them more than three times their current market rate.

What is your goal with working with them?

Our ultimate goal is to be able to help all these skilled and infinitely talented people fulfill their dreams and receive the global recognition they deserve. We hope to continue expanding this network and showcasing various forms of art and artisans that remain unrecognised to this day.

We do not differentiate between designers, artists and artisans - they are all artists to us. We hope they get the same level of recognition for their skills as the global fashion houses who employ them or use their styles.

Why should we purchase from IN-HOUSE?

With IN-HOUSE, you can rest easy and proud knowing that from the first stitch to the last knot, your purchase has been made by the very skilled, hardworking hands of these individuals who are truly passionate about their work and that you are contributing in highlighting their talent.

What do you have planned for the future?

We plan to be able to do live workshops with these artists on international platforms in the coming future. We also want to build a strong digital presence for our partners, making their work easily accessible and creating more revenue for them so they can scale to the same heights as the designers they have worked for in the past.