Ayesha Sureya is a South-Asian Londoner making jewellery brand. The brand creates unique, ethical, and sustainable pieces. Each piece is made by hand in the designer's studio in London.


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About the Artist

"Ayesha Sureya is a Jewellery Artist and 3D designer from North West London whose work is inspired by the beauty but also tangled identities around her diasporic identity. In this collection she is communicating her concepts through 3D artworks, animations and in metals where each jewel gives evidence of a creative synthesis of religious ideologies and themes with modern techniques, creating a new mythology and form that enables us to communicate with and relate to a world remote from us."

About the brand

In her recent collection, ‘Devas’ Ayesha works with computer software to achieve hyper realistic levels of details in these pieces to capture their divinity much like the icons from which they are derived. Her pieces are made in the UK through the process of lost-wax process using molten silver and brass. Her gold pieces are finished in Gold Vermeil. These pieces are acts of storytelling, told through pieces of history and symbolism; to engage with meaning deeper than what meets the eye. "