Husband and wife team Saeed Al-Rubeyi and Katy Al-Rubeyi are hyper-intentional about creating a shared world between India and the UK through their streetwear brand STORY mfg.

STORY mfg. was born out of a desire for a more authentic, fulfilling and kind approach to fashion - one that doesn't involve a trade-off between aesthetics and consciousness. The brand works with a large group of dyers, weavers, embroiderers and tailors all from India

Community is found in collaborations, according to Saeed. “Our vision for India is to sell our products for a local price rather than an international price,” says Saeed. 


 UK/ India

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What we are

We are a brand that want to make things and choices that help change the fashion industry for the better and show that being considerate and kind (to people and the planet) is not only important but an enormous strength. We believe fashion can be a form of social activism and that STORY mfg. can help create a more positive future 🌍

Who we work with

Our work is heavily craft-based and involves both teaching and learning new techniques together with our craftspeople. We are invested in giving continuous, well-paid work and do not switch for cheaper alternatives.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our greater goal is to help reverse the damage done by industry and enter into practices that leave the planet better off after our work is done. Our natural indigo sourcing comes from an effort to fix nitrogen levels in over-tilled and farmed soil, and our dyeing takes place in a re-planted forest where all our waste is used to fertilise the gardens.