“It will end like it began, with a piece of cloth” 

James Ferreira’s design philosophy is recognizable in his flowing garments; from a weave to a drape, to a cut, and finally a silhouette, which remains nothing but one single piece of cloth. He is considered a master draper whose garments in predominantly natural fabrics; epitomize the seamlessly unique blend of western silhouettes with Indian crafts and techniques 

 Khotachiwadi, Mumbai

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About the designer

He was a pioneer in the Indian Fashion Industry and has collaborated with all major players that shaped the Fashion, Textile and media business in the formative years.

The iconic and one of Bombay's few surviving heritage villages, 47-G, is home to James Ferreira, who currently resides and works there.

How we started

He started his design career in 1976 and currently his unique label that comprises predominantly western silhouettes with subtle non-literal infusion of Indian elements, retails in all major stores across India. Early Bollywood stars, to current International celebrities like Freida Pinto, have worn the designer’s creations.

His garments are predominantly natural fabrics and blend western silhouettes with Indian crafts and technique. The designer has constantly referenced Indian subjects for his Prêt collections but consistently maintains the cosmopolitan traits synonymous with the label.