Tiya Tejpal is an acclaimed production designer known for her work in The White Tiger, Raman Raghav 2.0, Karwaan among other films, television, advertising, and web-series projects. After graduating from Hampshire College in 2009, Ms. Tejpal came to Bombay and joined the Bollywood film industry as an Assistant Director (AD). However, during her time working on Life of Pi as one of the ADs, she realized she was more inclined to the work done in the Art department.

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About the Designer

"For me, one of the most exciting parts of filmmaking is the recce. This is when the possibilities of the written word meet material imagination, while resolutely sitting on the magic of reality." - Tiya Tejpal
Collector of curios, collage artist, and closet writer @teebirdyfly is best known in her public avatar as a Production Designer for the Indian film industry. When she's not conjuring sets for the movies, she's collecting ideas, references and "things" for future art🦋 All these images have been taken while on scout for various film projects somewhere or the other in India. Her discerning eye frames the bizarre, the beautiful, and the utterly banal💙