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Kantha Earth Buddies Tote

Kantha Earth Buddies Tote

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Introducing our newest Kantha Tote Bags in elegant black, now featuring reimagined vibrant motifs that tell even more stories from the villages of Bengal. Created by our talented artisan friend Priya, these tote bags are part of the "Earth Buddies" collection, celebrating the adorable animals, plants, and trees from our previous village Kantha designs 🌻✨


  • Artisan Collaboration: Hand-embroidered by Priya, showcasing vibrant motifs that depict the close-knit relationship between animals, plants, and people in the villages of Bengal.
  • Earth Buddies Design: Dedicated to the way our artisans illustrate animals and nature, showing how they are cared for and loved, and highlighting their integral role in village life.
  • Elegant Black Fabric: Made with durable black fabric that makes the vibrant embroidery stand out beautifully.
  • Locally Stitched: Each bag is carefully stitched by our local tailors, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local communities.
  • Functional and Stylish: These tote bags are perfect for daily use, combining functionality with unique, artistic design.

Our Kantha Tote Bags from the Earth Buddies collection are more than just accessories; they are a tribute to the deep bond between nature and human life in Bengal's villages. The vibrant, hand-embroidered motifs bring to life the stories of animals and plants, celebrating their importance and the care they receive. Each bag is a piece of art that allows you to carry your values with pride, making a bold statement about sustainability and community 🌞🥀

Carry the essence of Bengal's villages with you and showcase the beauty of traditional Kantha embroidery with our Kantha Tote Bags in Black - Earth Buddies Collection. Wear your values loud and proud with this unique and meaningful accessory 🦚🌼

This unique and exclusive work of art is a heavy labor and time-consuming process that requires 30 Days of time to embroider by our Kantha artists. Kindly allow this time for them to send this to you with love 💖


Measurements -
Height - 16 inch
Width - 15 inch
Handle - 25 inch

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