A brand that was started by two sisters, Kissa-goi is as much the legacy of their pillow fights and verbal wrestling as the shared joy of discovering people, places and possibilities in their natural forms. They hope to share their joy of creating through their products and page.  Inspired by joy, minimalism and nature, they aim to create products that have a childlike behavior to imitate the upbringing of the sisters 


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Collection: KISSA GOI


How we started

I was just about to graduate when Ayushi, my sister, quit her banking job to start something personal. It was one of those 2 AM ideas to do something together. Only this time, the idea was not forgotten the morning after.

We started in October 2019 with Pattachitra hand-painted saree but were completely derailed during Covid. We made hand-embroidered postcards to reconnect non-virtually with faraway friends. The love these cards got encouraged us to introduce shirts

Who we work with

We love that by nature of our work, we get to work with karigars from across India. Examples would be jewelry karigars from Jaipur, marble-paint artisans from UP and embroiderers from Bihar and Kutch.