Curious Grid is an androgynous label born with love for craftsmanship and cultural identities. The garments are studied through phases and process of creating and making in its most sustainable form.  

The newly launched brand works with denims and also uses different textile techniques working  with artisans for dyeing and creating hand-woven fabrics between India and  Italy.  

  Milan, Italy

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How we started

Sheetal Shah graduated in textile design from Central Saint Martins (London). Upon graduating, she had envisioned creating pieces that belong to a community of people who aspire change through ideas and growth in today’s world.

Bringing a new vision in fashion, CuriousGrid the label is inspired by work wear and sartorial stitching techniques that Sheetal explored while living and working in Europe. The shapes and forms are inspired by menswear cuts with use of combination of fabrics and colours in its  most subtle form.  

The label creates limited one off pieces that are unique to its consumers and gets the best of its individual identity that creates a story in itself.

Who we work with

Sheetal Shah is currently a one-woman show who goes and sources her own fabrics from India, finding deadstock and leftover scraps to incorporate in beautifully handwoven fabrics. She works with small weaving houses in India to produce her fabrics, and then goes back to working with a small team of seamsters in Italy to tailor her garments with the highest level of workmanship.