Kapu means bangle in Tamil.
Glass work designer, Prinita Thevarajah uses glass to allude to the childlike qualities inherent in all humans.
Using playful colors and asymmetric shapes across glass jewelry and interior objects,
Thevarajah's style is both eclectic and ephemeral, celebrating the innocence and purity
that often gets lost in this modern world.


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Collection: KAPU GLASS


About the Artist

Prinita Thevarajah was born in 1995 in Sydney, Australia. In 2019, she received her MA
in Art, Education and Community Practice at NYU Steinhardt. In 2020, she co-founded the online wellness platform, Studio Ānanda. Thevarajah is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in glass making and essay writing. Her glass work has been featured
in exhibitions and in retail stores across America, Europe and Australia. Thevarajah's writing appears in Architectural Digest, Byrdie Magazine and more. This year, she will attend the Bead Project, a 10-week scholarship program at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, New York. Thevarajah currently lives and works across Brooklyn and Sydney.

Artist's process

I have only just acknowledged that my creative practice up until recently has been purely based out of survival mode. Coming to this realization created a peace I have never experienced before. Working with glass came naturally to me but I did it mostly because I needed to pay rent and people were interested in buying my pieces. Now, there is no more ‘need’ associated with my practice. This understanding allows me
to sink more fully into the flow state that is associated with glass making. It is this
flow state that I come back to constantly. Working with fire and glass is the most
meditative place for me to rest in, and I aim to remain there forever. Kapu means bangle in Tamil. When I started working with glass, I was creating bracelet like pieces. It is a miraculous journey that I have now begun working with jewelry itself.