Morii is an amalgamation, a union of two, past and future. (Traditional and Contemporary/Community and Creation/ Intuitivity and Structure/ Mindfulness and Experimentation) It is an artistic interpretation of age-old legacies. An erudite conversation in a language fading away. A manifestation of global sensibilities rooted in Indian traditions. Every creation of Morii is formed out of a slow, meditative process and anchored in the strength of an unwavering relationship with our makers.


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How we started

A dynamic design studio based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat; Morii was born in 2019, out of an ever-growing reverence for Indian craft and a taste for the contemporary. For anyone with an eye for detail and an understanding of aesthetics, it is difficult not to fall in love with the many textile crafts of India. These traditional techniques bring warmth and color, add value and intricacy to every place they occupy. It is thus in them lies our everlasting source of inspiration.

Who we work with

Cardinal, to not only the functioning but also the essence and ideology of Morii are our artisan partners. These humble, graceful people of open hearts and welcoming demeanor are the most capable consorts in our journey to revitalize waning craft practices. In the relationship we nurture with them lies our greatest strength. They bring with themselves not just their immense expertise of technique but also a repository of knowledge and an innate and intuitive understanding of the craft. In their steadfast bond and shared history with the practice, we find an undiminishing source of inspiration. It is thus our constant effort to ensure that our process amplifies their voices, respects their opinions, values their contribution, and brings forth their stories.