Jaivik Greens Coffee (elevation 950m), North Coorg is a certified organic, single-origin estate coffee. With over 80 years of history, Jaivik Greens Estate is a family owned plantation, being managed by it's third generation of coffee planters. Since the early 90's the have grown Arabica coffee using holistic organic methods.
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Jaivik Greens

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Where we come from

We come from Coorg (Kodagu) a mountainous distrcit that is a very sensitive region of the Western Ghats. IT is one of the 25 most bio diverse hot spots of the world. Coffee cultivation is an integral part of the lives of the people of Coorg and forms the backbone of the state's economy. This region has unique biotic and abiotic conditions which provide uniqueness to the Coffee grown in it. The terrain provided by the broader landscape lends a unique aroma, flavour and distinct notes to the coffee when roasted

About the Coffee

Geographical Indications Registry has recently granted the Geographical Indication (tag to Coorg Arabica Coffee This conveys an assurance of quality and uniqueness which are essentially attributable to the geographical origin of the product Jaivik.

The coffee is grown under a canopy of thick natural shade of tall Rosewood, Silver Oaks and Jackfruit trees inter cropped with Black Pepper, Oranges and a variety of Avacado trees, contributing significantly to sustain the unique bio diversity of the region To ensure the highest quality in the cup, the ripe coffee beans are selectively hand picked, aqua washed, naturally fermented and sun dried carefully on trays Jaivik
Greens Coffee has a sweet and delicate aroma with a mellow body, well balanced with a subtle hint of spices giving it a unique yet striking flavour.

Who we work with

We have a team of 12 women that live off-property, just 2-3 kms away, who very enthusiastically arrive every morning to work on the field. These women have been coffee plantation workers since they were very young and coffee is all they know, just like us. We are happy to call them our family 💙