New York, we can’t wait to meet you 💖


386, Metropolitan Ave,

Brooklyn, NY🦋✨ 

Bringing our world with us to Celebrate the Culture with you New York, on the 6th of November 🌷✨🌸 Can’t wait to grow and re-connect with the beautiful, loving and creative community who have been collectively crossing boundaries for the love of Art, Culture, Identity and Roots 🌞🌱🌼 

Come on this journey back to our roots and experience a day filled with all the newness we have brought to our space that you will experience for the first time☀️🌱🌸 

Be immersed in all things Fashion, Art & Books,  Food & Decor. Shop our #NBDesigners and #NBArtists, that we are bringing from all around the world 🌎 🦋 We can’t wait to finally bring to you all the special capsules and craft works that we created with our #NBArtisans through the months, and introduce you to our rich craft makers back home ✨Meet us on this special day to also experience all the nostalgic flavors with #NBFood we have curated with local New York businesses 🌼 Along with surprise live acts and DJ set ✨ 

Opening our doors to you as you explore our world, and make our worlds meet as we bring our creative community together, New York 🌞✨🌨 We are welcoming all POC creatives in and around New York, who would like to participate in our special day to reach out to us and we would love to have your work be shown in our space, submissions are still open 🦋🌼 

I’m a NYC-based queer and non-binary artist and designer 💛 Born in Bangladesh and raised in Queens, Syeda creates art that revolves around explored her many intersecting identities, and experiences as a young Bangladeshi immigrant woman. Syeda has also explored themes of body, gender and performance through her self-portrait series. Currently resided in Brooklyn, Syeda continues to tell stories of underrepresented groups within the South Asian diaspora 🌸✨

Grow with Us 🌍

We have always found that real changes happen when people come together and start a conversation. With this goal, we, at No Borders, are opening our doors to the art and youth hubs of the world, bringing the richest craft makers from South Asia and around the world to you and showing the realities and the physical process of what they do and how they do it. Along with this, we will collaborate with local artists of these places and create a language of art we haven’t seen before! 🌸

We are hosting this event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the 6th of November 💛

Hit us up if you're a small business wanting to showcase what you do! Fashion, art, decor, food, music and more 👕🥗📚🎨🎵

Everyone's welcome!

No Borders is creating a space for businesses to build personal relationships and grow as a community 🌴