Celina Kanae Samarakoon’s brand Child of Society showcases her Japanese and Sri Lankan heritage, seeking to spread in-depth knowledge and educate consumers on cultural attire and longstanding techniques. Working with a range of techniques, from natural dye methods based on century old recipes to zero-waste designs that embrace the spirit of traditional garments, she aims to learn, replicate and innovate upon longstanding techniques so that these crafts can be passed down to future generations.
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Child Of Society

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How it was started

Child of Society was established in 2022. After learning about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, she decided to create her brand drawing connections between the environmental issues we are facing around the world and the answers that lay in traditional techniques.

Celina began growing Japanese Indigo to use as a dye source and exploring zero waste patternmaking to minimise the waste and environmental impact.

Child of Society continues to be her vessel to explore and showcase the beauty of traditional techniques as something that can and should be brought into the future.

Who do we work with

Celina's fabrics and dyes are sourced from Australian suppliers, and she does her best to make sure she knows where everything is coming from. The design, dyeing, and making process are all done with two own hands.