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Fatboy Zine

FatBoy Zine- Issue 3 'Palette & Politics'

FatBoy Zine- Issue 3 'Palette & Politics'

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FatBoy Zine Issue 3 ‘Palette & Politics’ This issue looks at the food and identity of Hong Kong, whose food culture is an amazing story of adoption, adaption, and growth. Here we focus on communal dishes set against the backdrop of the current fight for democracy. This is FBZs largest issue, with writing from Cynthia Chou, Illustrations from Jacco Bunt, Film and photography from Kenneth Lam, Photography from Xaviar Manhing, and food photography from Emily Leonard.
This issue is our biggest and most involved yet, nearly double the size of previous issues. The recipes in this issue center around communal dining and sharing.
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