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Fatboy Zine

FatBoy Zine- Issue 4 'Everywhere at Once'

FatBoy Zine- Issue 4 'Everywhere at Once'

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Issue 4 focuses on the chefs and creatives who have left Asia, but have decided to recreate it in their own way in Europe and the US.

This issue includes three interviews with established chefs, Lucas Sin (Shy Boyz Club & Junzi Kitchen), Erchen Chang and Shing Tat Chung (BAO), and Rahel Stephanie (Eat With Spoons / Linda From Accounting). Each interviewee gives their opinion on process, representation, and what drives their food and conversation outside of the kitchen. We also have beautiful photography from previous collaborator Ken Lam and food photography from Emily Leonard.

The issue of course has the staple 5 recipes, from Chilli Oil to a Burnt Coconut Basque Cheesecake.

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