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Itr-e-Gil- The Scent of Monsoon

Itr-e-Gil- The Scent of Monsoon

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Itr or Attar, is the Farsi word for perfume. These natural perfumes are something of a specialty of the sub-continent - they are obtained from flowers, plants, and even more famously, the earth. Legend has it, that empress Nur Jahan was the first patron of this itr.
Alcohol-free, these oil-based fragrances are the stuff of legends. Prepared and bottled in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India - this Daak special edition was done to give a whiff to those unfamiliar. We have, therefore, kept the fragrances light and gentle. Experts say there is a perfume for every season - so we bring you a taste of all four.

Itr-e-Gil - the scent of monsoon: Itr-e Gil has its roots in the times of the Mughals who wanted to capture the smell the parched earth releases when the first drops of monsoon rain arrive. An earthen smell, made complex by a base of sandal, itr-e gil captures the moment when dust meets water. It uplifts the senses and provides a light airy reprieve to hot sticky monsoons 🌼🦋

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