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‘Riptide’ is made in unbleached organic cotton, without the use of any chemicals or additive colour. Tiny hand stitches hold the wrinkles of the cotton, giving it an unusual texture.

⁃ handcrafted in 100% cotton
⁃ Sustainably crafted and hand made

⁃ Hand wash separately in cool water with a mild soap
⁃ Scrunch and gently wring the piece in water (do not pull aggressively while washing)
⁃ Hang dry in scrunched form only, do not stretch the fabric while it’s wet, it will open up the texture and will then fall loose on the body.
⁃ Do not iron, less they’ll lose their beautiful crinkles.
- While storing, fold in a pretzel shape or in a bundle form

This piece is handcrafted for you by highly skilled artisans in Lucknow. Kindly allow them 14 days to prepare these beautiful pieces and send them out to you.

Sizes can be customized. Please add your measurements in the note box provided at checkout 💛


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