Swasthik Iyengar's art celebrates our sacred traditions and culture, and creates a deeper understanding of Indian Folk Art and the spiritual connection we share with our ancestors✨🌼

Having grown in India as a child, she was always connected to her land, and through her struggles of "fitting in" in the western world, she always found home in learning about her cultural roots, and her ancestors. Tattoos became her identity, a connection to her land back home 🏡🌱


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Flash tattoos by Gunga Ma

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We are so excited to be bringing our Bangalore community together once again, for a celebration of Indian Street tattoos and Kolam art form with the beautiful Swasthik Iyengar AKA Gung Ma Once you've pre-booked your slot, you will recieve an email with all the info on the event.

Please email us at nobordersbuy@gmail.com for any queries you might have before booking 🌸