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Valley Culture

Himalayan Jamun Floral Honey

Bring home Valley Culture's Jamun Floral Honey to kick-start your day with a deliciously sweet experience. Eat it raw or pair it with a dish of your choice, our delicious Jamun Honey is bound to leave you craving for more.

This exotic Dark Amber honey is made from the sweet flower nectar of the dense Jamun orchards of Gwalior, grown organically, to keep the distinctive fruity flavor intact.

Infused with vitamins, pollen and nourishing nutrients is especially beneficial for people with diabetes. It has a luxurious taste profile which is a must have in your kitchen. Incorporate the taste of luxury and nutrition in your food palate with our Jamun floral Honey.

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Himalayan Jamun Floral HoneyHimalayan Jamun Floral HoneyHimalayan Jamun Floral HoneyHimalayan Jamun Floral Honey