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Sun-cooked Lemon pickle

Sun-cooked Lemon pickle

Spicy sour tanginess | Oil free |  Lemon pickle made traditionally by local women of Uttarakhand | 

Our Lemon Pickle recipe is a traditional sun-cooked, oil free recipe and is loaded with the goodness of Trikatu.

Trikatu refers to using three herbs or spices, Long pepper, black pepper and ginger. It stimulates Agni i.e, the digestive fire and improves the assimilation of nutrients in the body. Get a bottle of our lemon pickle that blends well with every staple food from rice to hot parathas and builds your immunity naturally.

Pair it with a dish or eat it straight out of the bottle for a spicy-tangy delight. Add it to your regular dal-chawal or savor it with hot aloo parathas for a crazy-flavorful taste. You can also make your own delicious healthy yoghurt dip with our Lemon Pickle.
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