We have travelled around the world to create some and curate some one of a kind pieces that carry a story of their own.

You can now shop some carefully curated one-of-a vintage bag that has collected over the years.

We have also created exclusive pieces with our artisans which would be unique to you as the pieces cannot be repeated.

We would like to carry forward and create new stories with our exclusive pieces 

Join us on the journey of collecting and curating vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces created with our artisans, where each piece holds a story of its own, woven with threads of creativity and craftsmanship.


Discover the enchanting world of artisanal vintage clothing, where each piece holds a story of its own, woven with threads of creativity and craftsmanship. Our collection of one-of-a-kind treasures will transport you to a magical realm of beauty and wonder, where the past and present collide in a harmonious dance of style and elegance. Adorn yourself with these timeless gems, and let their magic shine through you.

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How we started

Abacaxi first started with a capsule of silk dresses and blouses I created in 2013, which used patches of vintage mirrorwork embroidery remnants I had collected while traveling in Rajasthan. From the beginning, travel stories and a desire to bring beautiful, handmade textiles back into our everyday wear were my focus. Over the years, this creative project has transformed into a growing fashion label, one that allows me to tell new stories with every collection, and to create more opportunities for artisans practicing ancestral crafts that are at risk of disappearing.

Who we work with

From its inception, Abacaxi has had a mission to partner with artisans, technicians and masters who work with traditional techniques. Our pieces are designed to last and showcase skilled hand craftsmanship. Each collection flows into the next, emphasizing longevity and sustainability in both design and production.
From the 2-acre plot of regenerative cotton farming in Tamil Nadu, India, to the female knitters in Peru working with native tangüis cotton, to the social impact project Hacer Común in Oaxaca, Mexico making our handwoven straw accessories—collaborating with producers and makers is at the core of the brand. abacaxi contributes directly to the growth and values of these communities, developing treasured objects of the everyday that simultaneously revalues tradition and the art of the makers.