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Nipple Barett Clip

Nipple Barett Clip

Description-Your grandma’s barette meets 60’s sexual liberation. A modern interpretation of the classic shape and form of a traditional barrette. Best worn to tie back braids and keep your hair in place so you can do what you want to do. High quality stainless steel french barrette affixed to the back. Size-8.75cm x 4cm. Measurements vary, just like breasts. Material: uncoated brass, embrace the patina of this living metal.
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We had the greatest pleasure of working with Carina Hardy, founder of Elppin to create these limited range of designs that combines the elegance, excellent craftmanship and empowering message of Elppin and the bold, inclusive and liberating No Borders 🥀

This piece is handcrafted for you by highly skilled artisans in Bali. Kindly allow them 14 days to prepare these beautiful pieces and send them out to you.

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