Zoubida was founded by Sophia, who started the platform as a way to connect more with her Moroccan roots, and also as a response to how the fashion industry operates. They create vibrant & funky creations, from ‘art-to-wear’ to homeware. Everything they do is sourced & produced in Morocco, in collaboration with local craftswomen/men and artisan friends.
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How it started

Sophia used to work as a Collection Merchandiser and Strategist for luxury brands, and the industry from inside made her want to create a project at human size, that brings work to people she knows.

It all started 5 years ago, as a concept of art retreats and workshops in a village in the Atlas, and evolved into a brand during COVID-19. And that's how Zoubida as a brand started.

Whom they work with

Zoubida is ALL ABOUT encounters. People she was introduced to mostly by her dad & friends based in Morocco, are at the center of what they do.

"We collaborate daily with
about 8 artisans between Fes and Rabat, and about 15 local stores," says Shopia.

Shopia focuses on building a real relationship with the artisans by getting to know their families and sharing meals.