Tattooed by Gunga Ma

Swasthik Iyengar is a tattooist of Indian origin and would like to take you all on a story telling journey about the beauty of street tattooing in South India.

Join us on a journey into the history of Indian Street Tattos and the art of Kolam with Gunga Ma, a tattoo-artist based in Australia, who is reconnecting us to our lands through the craft of tattooing 💫🌱🌸


We are inviting Gunga Ma to visit our community in Bangalore on the 30th of October✨ We invite you to spend the day with us at our No Borders Studio while getting to be tattooed by Gunga Ma.



The Journey of Indian Street Tattoos with Swasthik Iyengar AKA Gunga Ma

"Since I commenced a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in Australia and was not only influenced by American traditional tattooing concepts as well as tribal tattooing concepts, I decided to create a street flash sheet of tattoo designs that embodies my inspiration for both. My love for our culture allowed me to create my own designs that celebrated tattooing in South India. I wanted to make this as handmade as possible and created the designs on turmeric-stained handmade Indian paper. I hope this journal entry has given everyone a very small insight into some elements of tattooing in India. Tattooing in India is very deep. There is in fact more information about both kolam and street tattooing, and I hope to share this with you all on our special day on the 30th of October with the beautiful people and community of No Borders Shop." ✨