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Shamamatul Ambar- A Winter Scent

Shamamatul Ambar- A Winter Scent

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Itr or Attar, is the Farsi word for perfume. These natural perfumes are something of a specialty of the sub-continent - they are obtained from flowers, plants, and even more famously, the earth. Legend has it, that empress Nur Jahan was the first patron of this itr.
Alcohol-free, these oil-based fragrances are the stuff of legends. Prepared and bottled in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India - this Daak special edition was done to give a whiff to those unfamiliar. We have, therefore, kept the fragrances light and gentle. Experts say there is a perfume for every season - so we bring you a taste of all four.

Shamamatul Ambar - a winter scent: Shamamtul Ambar is made with complex spices and nutmeg as a top note, musk, mace, and patchouli as mid notes and base notes of amber and leather are made in a base of sandalwood. This spicy, sweet, woody itr has warm hints of saffron and acts like a warm cozy blanket during the grey, cold winters.

Packaged in a cylindrical wooden box, these are easy-to-carry fragrances that pack a punch of memories and feelings 🦋🌼

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